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How to be a Hand Model

If you think that you have great looking hands then maybe you should consider becoming a hand model.  Sounds easy?  Well think again there’s more to being a hand model than you may think.

It may be obvious, but a hand model must have hands with a smooth and even complexion; remember this is the only part of your body the public will see, so no birthmarks, freckles or ugly nails.   Whilst at a photo shoot they may use make up on your hands, it should not be relied upon to cover imperfections.  Perfectly manicured nails and nicely shaped cuticles are essential for hand modelling.

The shape of your hand is also important, it should be narrow with slender fingers if you are a woman, but remember whilst the majority of hand models are women, men can also be hand models.  A pair of steady hands can help when modelling; it may be that you will have to hold something for an extended period of time during a photo shoot.  Patience is a virtue that all models require; getting the right shot for the perfect picture can take all day!

If your hands fit the bill and you do become a hand model you need to remember to treat them well.   Regular visits to get a manicure will keep hands and nails in tip top condition, it is essential that nails are kept neat and tidy for those close up shots.  A healthy diet is also key and drinking plenty of water keeps your skin looking healthy.  The last thing you need are white spots on your nails through a bad diet.  Many hand models protect their hands at night by wearing gloves, if you apply hand lotion before this it will keep them moisturised and soft as well. For fantastic hand products try Look Fantastic.

Like any other type of model you will need a portfolio to show prospective clients various photos and different poses of your hands.  It’s a good idea to look through magazines and advertisements to see how hands are used, what poses and movement they make and then add these to your portfolio.   Don’t forget to include one photo of your face as a client may use your face and hands if suitable.

There are many different model agencies out there, but try and find one that specialises in niche models such as hand modelling.  Even though you’re modelling your hands, you still should give a professional impression and make sure that you dress appropriately and are neat and tidy at all times.