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Modelling Tips On Working With A Professional Photographer

You may be lucky enough to work with a professional photographer. Most professionals are looking to add variety to their portfolios without the cost. Some might be willing to do a trade for print (TFP): you pose for them and in exchange they will shoot what you want. But this usually means you will have to pay for your prints and this may be very expensive. Also watch out for the photographer that says, “it’s free”, but ends up using your images for profit – in this case you should get paid!

Always follow the rules below when working with photographers:

  1. Be Punctual. Being on time is very important.
  2. Take a friend or parents along with you or at the very least inform someone of your whereabouts.
  3. Make sure you tell the photographer that someone knows where you are.
  4. Don’t take anything for granted. Check out the photographer/agency first and try to get some references from other models/agencies in the industry. Always verify the credentials of a photographer. If he says he shoots for a certain magazine you can call the editor to check this.
  5. Never feel pressured to do anything that you do not feel comfortable doing. Make sure that you know exactly what you’re supposed to do during the shoot.
  6. Make sure you get a modeling agreement “release” signed before the shoot. You must be informed where and how your images are going to be displayed.
  7. Be it a Professional Studio or home studio, ensure that there is a separate changing area.
  8. If you not willing to model nude, then don’t put nude images of yourself on your portfolio. Make it as clear as possible on the exact types of jobs or assignments you are prepared to except.
  9. Reputable photographers will NOT touch you. Make sure you remind them of this if they get within your safety zone.
  10. But don’t assume that all photographers are waiting to sleep with you. Most professional photographers are more concerned about film, make-up, and the position of the sun to worry about getting personal. To most of them “Time is Money”.

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