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How To Be A Model Looks At How To Become An Extra

At How To Be A Model we believe that if you are interested in the modelling and entertainment industry and would like to gain confidence
or a ‘foot in the door’, becoming an extra for film or TV can be a fantastic place to start.

How To Be A Model has been looking at the skills required for extra work and the realities
of spending time as an extra and we’ve come up with a top five list of tips for anyone who is
considering giving it a try!

1) Be prepared. If you gain work as an extra it is important to take the assignment seriously, so
make sure you always arrive early and are willing to do what is asked of you – even if this means
lots of waiting around.
2) Amuse yourself. With waiting around in mind, always take something with you to help pass the
time if required – a tablet or smartphone can be great for this but bring headphones and make sure
that your ringer is turned off.
3) Quiet on set. Don’t be caught chatting or making any unnecessary sounds, unwanted background
noise will lead to the scene being filmed again – and you being asked to leave.
4) Be flexible and ready. Always be prepared to stay late or ready for a call to the set at short notice.
Likewise, the more available you are on a day-to-day basis the more likely you are to gain work
as an extra, though we wouldn’t recommend giving up the day job!
5) Know your place. Never approach the director or main cast – even if you believe you have
a ‘fantastic idea’ that will improve the production, or the best chat up line they’ve ever heard.
6) Accept criticism gracefully. It’s no secret that to make it in the industry requires a thick skin.
Don’t be offended by criticism, turn it into a positive by listening carefully and acting on what
you’re told.
7) Costumes. Look after any costume that you’re given and return it in perfect condition. If you’re
asked to provide your own costume it can be a good idea to bring 3-4 options.
8) Find a reputable, government regulated agency to represent you and research them thoroughly
before signing up.
9) Ignore the camera. Never look at the camera, this will ruin the shot and is a sure-fire way to upset
the director.
Be realistic. Don’t expect to be treated like the main cast, see this job for what it is. You are
not Angelina Jolie – yet – so it’s unrealistic to hope for special treatment.

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How To Be A Model Reckons the ‘Fatshion’ Community Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

When How To Be A Model read that Jessica Simpson had made more money with her plus-size-friendly clothing line last year than super-slim Victoria Beckham did with hers, we knew that the face of ‘Fatshion’ had at last changed forever.

An increase in plus-size models, celebrities, bloggers and clothing brands has become apparent in recent years and now it finally seems that a more healthy and attainable body image may finally be winning the fight against size zero ideals.

Contemporary icons, such as Beyonce, Kate Winslet or Kim Kardashian continue to prove that curvy is good and that you don’t need the figure of Keira Knightly to be able to turn heads.

“I was sick of never seeing bodies like mine celebrated or even presented as normal in the mainstream media, so I set up my Tumblr to fill the gap,” ‘Corpulent’ blogger Frances told Mashable.
“In sourcing photos, videos, and quotes of and about fat women, I found fat acceptance and blogs. Reading them and the blogs they linked to made me realize that there was a social and cultural framework for how I related to my own body and how society relates to bodies like mine. I finally saw it was political.”
‘Fatshion’ is a term that has appeared in response to the trend known as ‘thinspiration’ – one that involves sharing pictures of skinny celebrities and models in order to encourage weightloss – and now sources such as ‘Girls With Curves’ are proving that you can wear current fashions whatever your size.
“Fat is still seen as unhealthy, fat discrimination still exists, and plus size fashion is generally still frumpy, of poorer quality, and more expensive,” says Frances. “However, we are getting there… With the Internet, fat acceptance activists have a community that we can draw on for support, for numbers, and for friendship.”

How To Be A Model is sure that this trend will continue and we hope that in doing so it will help diminish some of the negative body-image issues and resulting eating disorders that have blighted modern society. ‘Thinspirational’ media imagery has a lot to answer for and, ultimately, we feel that the time for a healthy balance is long overdue.

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Teenage Modelling Tips

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