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What Photographs To Submit To An Agency

Most agencies will want to see at least two basic shots – a close-up head shot and a full length body shot. Make sure all photos are clear and well lit and go for a fresh natural look. Exact requirements will vary from one agency to the next but the 5 rules below should apply:
•    No Make-up (or light make-up using simple colors).
•    Do not wear any hats, scarves or bandanas.
•    Pictures should be taken in soft natural lighting (early morning or late afternoon outdoors is ideal).
•    Pictures must be taken against a neutral background color (white is preferred).
•    These should not be professional pictures. Have a friend or family member take them with a digital, personal 35-mm or disposable camera.
Look at magazines and catalogues to get some ideas for a good ‘commercial’ look. The most natural and flattering look is to pose with the head slightly angled. Try not to cut the picture off at any noticeable points, such as the shoulders, elbows, waist, or knees. Cut in between these points to soften the look and suggest continuation of the body.
The ideal selection of photographs to send would be as follows:
•    1 head shot from the mid-chest up – no smile, hair off face in ponytail, do not crop off the top of your head.
•    1 head shot from the mid-chest up, smile, hair down, but tucked behind ears, do not crop off the top of your head.
•    1 half-body shot.
•    1 full length shot.
•    1 full-length profile left.
•    1 full-length profile right.
If your hair is not long enough to place in a ponytail, hold it back with a clip or band.

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