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Modelling Tips

Modelling Tips

Modelling is like any other business and whilst you may need the looks and a little bit of luck along the way, it is a skill you can learn.  Here is the How to be a Model top 10 tips to a successful modelling career in what can be a highly competitive industry.

  1. Portfolio Tips– It is essential that you have an up-to-date portfolio to present to model agencies and potential clients.  This must reflect your current look as well as past modelling assignments and demonstrate your versatility as a model.
  2. Availability – Whether you are a full time or part time model ensure your model agency have your latest contact details.  Models are often needed at short notice and details such as start times and venues are often subject to change so being available and easily contactable is vital.
  3. What to Wear – Clients will let your agency know if models own clothes are required on a modelling assignment.  If not, the client will usually provide you with the appropriate clothes for a particular photo shoot or event.  Smart casual dresscode is always a safe bet when attending any modelling job.
  4. Be Organised – Never be late, ensure that you are organised so you have everything ready to go for instance where the assignment is located, how to get there, timings and what you are wearing.
  5. Look Your Best – Whilst make up artists and hair stylists may be on location to get you ready, always be prepared and take your own make up.  Getting plenty of sleep the night before a modelling job will ensure you look fresh and are looking your best.
  6. On the Day – By arriving early to assignments you will get the time to meet the client, photographer and other models.  It is essential to follow client’s instructions in a friendly and professional manner, be considerate and stay calm.
  7. Problems – Whilst you should co-operate and do everything a client asks if you are genuinely uncomfortable with something or feel they are asking you to do something unsafe then excuse yourself and contact your modelling agency.  Always let someone know where and who you are with for your own safety.  Its also handy to make sure you have some cash for a taxi or any unexpected event.
  8. Fees – Your model agency will negotiate fees with the client.  Fees may vary for each modelling job and even within the same assignment depending on the level of experience of each model.
  9. Signing Documents – Never sign any release or contract that the client gives you; these should always be referred to your model agency for checking.
  10. Finally – Never do anything you are not comfortable with as things can affect your career later down the road, sometimes things are just not worth it.  Make sure you are always proud of your modelling and yourself.

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