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Baby Modelling

Baby Modelling

Getting the best picture of your baby or young child.

When representing a baby or child model it is very important that you supply the baby modelling agency or client the most recent and up to date shots as possible. From the moment a baby is born they are constantly changing and sometimes it is difficult to capture this on camera.

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However taking a picture of your baby is never easy and we are often asking ourselves; ‘How do I get the best pictures of my baby?’, How do I get them to look at the camera? Etc. Well here are some helpful hints to help you get the best shot of your baby or child!

Lighting is very important in a good photograph, find a soft source of light to photograph your baby in, perhaps by a window or the shade of a patio, outdoors is definitely the best as natural light will stop
any red eye or heavy shadows. To get the best light take the photograph in the morning or late afternoon, remember if the sun is too bright your baby or child will be squinting, this is not a shot we want to see.

Ensure that you are photographing your baby at a convenient time to the baby’s routine. The best baby shots are smiley shots, so don’t photograph him/her if they are tired or just about to have a feed. To a client or modelling agency a smiley baby will look easier to work with and shows that they are happy in-front of the camera, this will be a big advantage to them in the selection process.

A baby photo tip is to get baby to interact with you and capture smiley moments is to put your camera on a tripod, focus it and ensure that baby is framed in the shot where you want them. Then play peek-a-boo, hiding behind the camera and popping your head out and saying boo! Baby will smile and laugh at you and all you need to do is make sure you press the shutter down at the right time!

Having food all over their faces can be cute, particularly to a parent, but to a potential client or baby modelling agency, it is not. Make sure you photograph your baby or child when they are clean, not just after they have had a large ice-cream!

When photographing babies, think soft. Soft light, soft colours, soft textures. These things allow the importance of the photograph to be focused on the child, not on cluttered or dark backgrounds which will then distract the modelling agency/client’s eyes from your baby.

The most important Baby photo tip is to make sure you regularly update your baby’s photographs, they are changing all the time, it is essential that when they are selected for an assignment, they arrive at the shoot looking the same as they did in the photograph the client selected them from!