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Modelling Casting Tips

Modelling Casting Tips

Do you have aspirations to be a model? Whether it be catwalk modelling, commercial modelling, plus size or baby modelling you will have to attend casting calls to be successful. Thousands of models attend open or closed casting calls every-day but very few are triumphant in winning that all important gig; that opens the doors to fame and fortune. So what’s there secret? Here at How to Be A Model Now we have a stop 10 list of what it takes to win over those Casting Directors and land that dream modelling job.

  1. Research:  Get as much information about the company that you will be representing, as you can. Most companies will have a website you can log into, to get some details or we may have a visual of the shots they are looking for. It will give you an idea of what they expect from you as well as understanding ‘the product’
  2. Organisation: Make sure you have all the necessary information as you can about the casting call from location to contact names and numbers, make sure your mobile is charged up.
  3. Presentation: you must always look clean, neat and tidy and dress according to the interview/audition. For example if it is a casting for sports wear don’t wear a suit, wear sports clothes with minimal male up and hair up in a ponytail.  For Cosmetics and jewellery  make sure you dress elegantly with your hair styled and make up flawless to prepare you for close up picture. For evening dressses or bridal were a day dress to show the client what your figure looks like in a dress. For editorial casting calls keep it simply but trendy, think skinny jeans with a funky top.
  4. The Finer Details:  It can be those small things that let you down on your casting call so make sure you have manicure, perfectly groomed eyebrows and a good pair of heels can make your body look longer and leaner, and also pull your outfit together.
  5. Punctuality: Don’t be late, aim to be at the casting call 15 minutes earlier that the assigned time. No Casting Directors like a Diva who keeps them waiting so their aren’t likely to give you the job.
  6. First Impressions:  Shake hands with the person holding the casting. Make eye contact when confirming your name and his. Walk elegantly, stand tall and keep your shoulders back, whilst still look natural and at ease. On sitting, remain tall and upright. Keep your head up, be alert and keep your eyes wide to show interest.
  7. Be confident but not arrogant. You want to be a model so show it. Speak clearly, loudly and slowly keeping your head up – don’t talk down to your chest. Pronounce words well to ensure they are understood. Remain polite, smiling and happy with good diction and posture throughout the casting. Also maintain eye contact as this shows confidence and keenness.
  8. Ask Questions; this shows your enthusiasm and keenness to learn about the subject, also gives you and opportunity to showcase the research you have undertaken i.e. I saw on the websites you have sports shorts showcasing the T-shirt range, will this project be of a similar style too? Also ask questions if if you hear something you do not understand, if not you could get into difficulty.
  9. Pictures: Bring copies of related photos with you. Make sure to leave behind after your modelling audition. You can use these like a business card, and the casting staff or photographer will use them to remember you and will know how to contact you.
  10. Network: Career networking is just as important as modelling auditions. it is not a bad idea to meet the casting staff and the other models to learn from them.  Ask them who are their favorite photographers? How did they become successful? They can give you advice and tips for future modelling auditions.

After following the Model Castings Tips you’ll be thinking what happens next. You might get a ‘callback’ with is basically a second round of modelling auditions. Or you may have been ‘put on hold’ which means you have been selected for the modelling job but it may have been postponed or the casting director is selecting other extra models needed in the shoot. Finally the words How to be a Model Now hope you hear are ‘booked’ which mean you have won the modelling job.