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Teenage Models

How To Be A Teenage Model

Amongst the usual aspirations that teenagers have, pop star, TV presenter, actress, modelling is normally relatively high up on the list. Whilst modelling at an editorial level is extremely competitive and very difficult to break into, there are still some terrific teen modelling opportunities out there – if you know where to look.

Males and Females

Modelling is normally thought of as a largely female-dominated industry, but this is really just a false perception. In reality, the industry is equally as interested in males; this goes for males who look like every-day regular guys who wear appealing attire. You don’t have to wear lipstick, fur hats or tights when working for clients who are targeting the buying public! This goes for TV commercials, billboards, catalogues and a whole host of other promotional materials.


A passion for many youngsters, fashion is part of their everyday awareness; a lifestyle as opposed to a job. Whether it’s inspiration from chatting to friends, shopping or simply reading magazines, teenagers certainly have an impeccable ability to pick up on the latest styles and fashion trends without any prior instructions or guidance. As with any type of modelling, enthusiasm is vital to success and who in society is more passionate about fashion than today’s teenagers? Ask any 16-year old girl what the girls are wearing in E4’s ‘90210’ at the moment and the chances are they’ll be able to tell you immediately.


Self-doubt is of course all part of growing up, and undeniably all teenagers experience this feeling at some point. Combating this head-on seems to be the best way to conquer any confidence issues, which is where modelling can help. Shoots and auditions will put you in touch with a wide selection of photographers and fellow models and before you know it there will be a brand new social circle wanting to get to know you.
Find a quality agency, be persistent and keep yourself healthy! Remember that modelling of any kind is not necessarily a walk in the park, but with some careful consideration and an appropriate agency on board, the above benefits could be well within your reach.